Luxurious lip balm

Alegria Mediterranea  vegan &luxurious green cosmetics  made with love and Spring Joy!
I really love what I am doing, honestly and I am telling  you  that with all my heart!
Everything I do is handmade only,with recyclable materials as much as possible and with lots and lots of imagination. 
On top of that comes hours, days, months, years of continues work , almost obsessive sometimes.
I am happy and pleased with what I do and this is reflected more and more in my work&products.
Also, I am a girl who believes as Life is made ​​from little details.
These little details gives  Life flavor and how important it is...to me is essential, vital even.
That  happened to me working with  these wonderful  luxurious lip balms and thinking about small details.
Only if  you  can smell and  taste them, are delicious, fresh as a breeze,so moisturizing and with a high and very special gloss.
I really love them, you can try it,too!
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