Soap swap with Ayu Tokyo Factory , first post : my gift

    I am  happy because  my gift made  with such love and joy,arrived in sunny California to Ayu .
    I am happy because I can feel her real joy and also  I love how she calls all:´´beautiful soap gift set´´. 
    She sent me her gift a month ago,but is somewhere along the way,may have lost, may show up late...
 but everything is just fine. Ayu decided to send me again her wonderful gift, thank you  !
     She is my international soap swap partner and  hopefully soon I will write my second post with her ​​gift.
    Always, but always,swap soap with friends around the world brings me such joy...I'm like a kid in front of this innocent pleasure...
    Ayu, Thank you so much for posting on your blog about our swap soap with such a nice, warm and beautiful words,here :http://ayukocarlton.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/international-soap-swap-with-claudia.html
Thank you very much for a wonderful soap swap experience!
It was fun and still  has not finished...
I wish you all a wonderful day !