I am so exciting with this wonderful exotic beauty cream!
It's a pretty simple recipe, a recipe that has followed the basic steps of a moisturizing cream.
Her secret consists  in the extraordinary fresh and organic ingredients like:
-Cranberry virgin oil,here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cranberry
I am impressed by the positive effects on skin and from now on will be always present in my creams+ my face cleanser number one!
- Mango butter,here:http://peternisbet.articlealley.com/the-benefits-of-mango-butter-in-natural-skin-care-927073.html
-Magnolia pure organic essential oil,here:http://www.gritman.com/magnolia-essential-oil.html
 I am IN LOVE WITH !Is my very first time I use it(because is  quite expensive and not so easy to find, I mean an original Magnolia essential oil) and I think ​​it worth the investment when we talk about face cream.
I created an exotic-fresh-floral blend with this lovely Magnolia E.O.
It is a very moisturizing cream without leaving greasy marks on the skin(do not like greasy marks)which is absorbed into the skin within seconds.I LOVE THIS CREAM!(I feel like shouting of joy, yuhuuu...).
It smells absolutely divine( I can not stop smelling my skin) and has an aromatherapeutic effect certainly,a pleasant one, I can feel it...
It is superfine, exotic,exquisite and has a remarkable hydration protection on skin.
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I wish you happiness, health  and  Green life!