Congratulations Olga, I give you, with much Love, my Christmas gift of this year

Thank you all, from the heart , to everyone who participated on my Christmas gift of this year, 2012!
All your answers and opinions had something special, but Olga words  touched me the most...
With this wonderful and simple words, she conquered me and very quickly:
´´I was always in love with all the natural things, it's my lifestyle, my philosophy.
For me a natural product must be in a perfect harmony with the nature. As for soaps, it must be, of course, vegan soaps, with colors, smells coming from the nature. And even if it is an unscented soap, it always smells oils, vegan butters, herbal infusions. Clay, floral petals, everything is beautiful because natural, because coming from the Earth.

 Your soaps are not only gorgeous, they remaind me a lot of things, a lot of memories. Oranges from the garden of a friend of mine in Corse, an aloe vera which was always standing in the window sill of my Grandmother, charcoal in the fireplace of my parents, and the first snow in november, so beautiful, so delicate...´´
Darling Olga, I will contact you  via e-mail , cause this gift arrived  to you safely and in good time, just for Christmas!
Enjoy them and Merry Christmas!
I Wish everybody a verry happy week-end,full of Joy and Love!