Homemade Extra Virgen Olive Oil + Lavander cleanser face :two amaizing simple & useful recipes

I used a very moisturizing handmade soap with an impressive amount of glycerin,so why I put just a little.
Handmade natural grated soap .
What you need is approx.20g-30g of grated soap for  500ml pure water and a good cold pressed vegetal oil (any).
You can use Lavender essential oil or what you have, want,like or is appropriate  to your skin.
So far I used pure essential oil of Lavender, Bergamot  and Ginger.
I did a cleanser face lotion consisting in :75% solution of pure water with natural handmade soap +25%pure virgen oil( olive oil,sweet almond oil,jojoba, etc.depends on your skin needs).Update:next time I will try 40%solution pure water and soap+60%pure virgen oil(much oil better).
This time I did ​​two types of cleanser face :ONE:Olive oil +Lavender O.E. and the SECOND with Sweet almond oil(the ideal oil for my delicate & mixt to dry skin)+Bergamot &Ginger O.E.
It is a very light & soft cleanser face solution ideal for any skin type.
Always shake it well before use(you now...oil always stay above the water).

It cleans perfectly any tip of makeup, no matter what brand.
This time I put 20 drops of pure essential oil of Bergamot(1 ml) and 10 drops(1/2ml) of pure Ginger essential oil(in the second cleanser face with sweet almond oil ).In the other one (the one with olive oil)I put 1 ml(20 drops) of pure Lavender O.E. Always I am looking to put the most pure essential oils as well as the others ingredients.
I keep this cleanser face in dark glass bottles in a cool place and away from heat or sunlight.
This little spray bottle is ideal for those who travel a lot as my case.
I am a woman who takes care of herself  and I think no one can do it ( for me ) as well as I do ,for sure...
I strongly believe that the definition of women's is :beauty, femininity,care, tenderness, kindness ,etc.
In a phrase: beautiful & useful things defining us(or at least it should be for most of us).
To have a healthy,beautiful and luminous skin , no matter what beauty cosmetics you use ,is not enough,if your skyn is not cleaned very well,daily : morning and evening,as a ritual.
Obviously, always remains some important aspects of life, like:age, health,  nutrition, your lifestyle and your spirit.Also, remember that beauty comes from inside,too.But this is a discussion too large for this little space and I hope that everyone does what is best for itself.

Returning to our subject, i have to say that generally I use only a discreet and very feminine makeup,but even the days when I'm not wearing makeup at all,cleansing the skin morning and evening,DAILY is a religion to me.
This wonderful cleanser face is very easy to do ,so,please,give it a try, it worth. 
In addition, this recipe it can change and adapt exactly as you want and need.
I hope I could be helpful , so remember : always smile, be healthy,beautiful and feminine.
P.S. just a few word about the amaizing GINGER O.E.:
The use of ginger oil in clinical aromatherapy is relatively new and produces incredible results. 
The spa uses of ginger essential oil are numerous, as it may be blended with other oils like rose, bergamot, frankincense, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and neroli. Ginger oil also blends well with citrus oils. Blended ginger oil facials and a hot ginger oil bath rejuvenates depleted skin like nothing else!