My 12´s natural wonders / Mis 12 maravillas naturales

In this life, I learned and experimented from the best: from our mother, of all , Mother Nature .
She had patience, she waited for me and when I was ready she opened wide his arms and I came into her warm embrace !It is so warm and well there!Thank you Mother Nature for everything!
I realized quickly and clearly that all makes sense, very well defined in the natural biological cycle.
Everything is so  real and so  perfect and most of the time Nature helps us, even heal us in a way so natural and inoffensive.
It is important to feel these things, to understand them, be kind & patient, and especially with great respect from all land creatures and then,  everything are back to you : tenfold, hundredfold, thousandfold.
I have a green lifestyle, I am a proud VEGAN now, and that it is very challenging and wonderful in the same time.
Is wonderful because you can see how your body & mind are purified and you turn into another person/being, more intelligent, more healthy, more tolerant and with infinite love and respect from anything moves, any creature or being on this Earth .
Day after day, experience after experience, I discovered my wonders that helps me and support my body , spirit and  mind healthy.  
Thanks to  Heaven and Mother Nature that I have found them!
These  are true miracles and I want to  share them with YOU.
Update: You cal also enjoy my personal Vegan Blog with interesting recipes and more info about some of my natural wonders :http://greenrawcuisine.blogspot.com.es/search/label/MIS%20SUPER-%20ALIMENTOS%20%2F%20MY%20RAW%20ORGANIC%20SUPERFOODS

1. Green Fresh SMOOTHIES : http://greenrawcuisine.blogspot.com.es/2014/09/oda-la-manzana-y-los-batidos-mas.html

 2. SPIRULINA : http://greenrawcuisine.blogspot.com.es/2014/10/alga-espirulina.html

 These two algae separately and / or together are the wonder of wonders!!!


4. Blueberries(Arándanos) ...and generally  all  berries 

(Vaccinium myrtillus): http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccinium_myrtillus
Blueberries should be used in any form whatever! And anytime!
These fruits are delicious and miraculous my friend!
Every winter I make a complete cure for 3 months  like this : every morning on empty stomach
3-5 ml tincture of Blueberries in 50 ml juice of Blueberries.
Every time I find fresh fruits i buy it , are DELICIOUS!

  5. ECHINACEA : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echinacea

This herb strengthens the body immunity( against viruses & infections in  general) and stimulate the production of white blood cells.
Echinacea stimulates the body in non chronic illness such : colds, bronchitis, sore throats, abscesses and for recurrences of yeast infections.
I use it as  infusion, daily  and / or  a cure of 30 days each winter, preferable to the beginning of winter, in
December ( natural herbal tablets ).
This is the ideal winter ´´vaccine´´who  protect  your body as a shield and keep away from you any flu, virus,etc.and maintain the immunity of the body to normal limits.

6 .  ACHILEA  MILLEFOLIUM ( Yarrow- popular)
 ´´Yarrow have been utilized for the treatment of skin wounds and inflammations since Ancient Greek times. It's botanical name, Achillea Millefolium, is quite possible reminiscent of Trojan War hero Achilles, who, according to a legends was also a skillful healer. Achilles, as legends tell, used herbs to treat wounds inflicted on the battlefield. Yarrow was traditionally used to help stop wound bleeding and promote healing of minor wounds, lacerations, sores as well as to combat interior bleeding. Another known traditional applications of Yarrow oil include improvement of hair and scalp conditions, hair loss prevention treatment, treatment of skin cracking and pealing, reversal of skin thinning and grey spots. The plant is rich in numerous biologically active ingredients, such as azulen, with demonstrated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action´´(Internet source).
I dedicate  this medicinal plant to all women , from the age of puberty until the end.
I already have 3 years since I drink daily 2-3 infusion cups of this herb.
She completely cured all my urinary  and  genital system.
Two years ago I had an intolerable sensitivity to any breeze or current of cold air.
It was painful, frustrating and no cure...Those who have something like this, you now what I mean.
Now I have complete regulated menstruation and more,any kind of pain has disappeared.
This is a  miracle to me my friend !Oh YES!
I declared friends for life to  this wonderful herb!
Note: Any infusion of any plant or flower  drink it  cold-warm, after aprox.6-8 h of relax and without any sweetener(even honey), as  the effect be maximum.
Calendula+Camomile+Achilea Millefolium+Echinacea+Salvia(can be used together or separately,the effects are equally miraculous). 
The infusion of Sage is great for any woman and this is known since antiquity.
I love this mixture of plants!
It's like 5 o'clock tea to me .
I drink 1-2 cups daily.
Garlic is an absolute must for a medicinal garden.  
Garlic has so many healing properties, they cannot all be listed.
Garlic has natural antibiotic properties.
Garlic also helps alleviate and draw out infection from abscesses in teeth as well as in the body.
It is tremendous delicious !!!
To me is the flavor of flavors  in any kind of food!
It is a panacea for the entire body!
Consumed with fresh olive oil extra virgine & persil(I eat dailyhandful of parsley, another miracle of Mother Nature) is madness. It´s a kind of pesto but with  parsley.
It is a delicacy (for the cuisine of any kind) with fresh basil too or with olives , tomatoes, roasted red peppers, yami-yum ...
I love it !!!
Olive oil is  consuming properly  without suffering any thermal process!
At the end of any meal or in any kinde of salat , a teaspoon or two, aprox.20-30ml for an adult daily, of extravirgine olive oil and that it !
I love nuts and to me is a source of  fats and Omega-3.
Daily I eat from 10 to 15 kernels,  carefully because is a very high caloric source.
Is ideal to soften them with  24h before eat , because in this way ´´nuts are awakening to life´´ so our body can assimilate them easily & the stomach digest them better(is the best and healthy way to eat any kind of nuts or seeds) .
It's my favorite fruit , my favorite food, my favorite dessert.
Here you can try a DELICIOUS vegan raw recipe with this special fruit called, avocado: http://greenrawcuisine.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/raw-vegan-delicious-chocolate-cake-for.html

I can  write about  hundreds of natural wonders, like a wild exotic birds which ´´out of the blue´´ seated  right next to me and start to talk and dance (a very expressive dance) with and around me aprox.10-15 minutes... It left me breathless and touched me so much for my whole life ( tears of joy rolled down on my cheeks...).
That wonderful little bird  was telling me something amazing, with an amazing body language (dancing, spining around me)  and with such a wonderful voice! This is another miracle to me.
Well, another miracle I live , is the sunrise and sunset I live daily in this wonderful bay where I live today!

God, how many wonders I live daily! Thank you !
I think it's time to wake up our body and mind. Wake up!
I know, I have to experiment a lot in the next future , and I am so happy!
It is incredible how much pure energy exist, positive energy, all around us!
It´s all about love, by the desire to live in harmony with you, with Mather Nature, with all land Creatures and whole  Universe!
What natural ways do you use?

Please remember this: Prevention is the mother of the wisdom!

p.s. I forgot the most important thing, the spirit, to be young and  positive in heart!


Vintage Champagne Soap

Little fatty  cherubims , with much organic  shea butter !
It is a  luxurious soap who spoil the skin with the high content of shea butter and the other precious oils&butters(all vegetals) and with real Vintage  Champagne !
This soap is  so moisturizing, smells great and has a mild flavor of  Vintage Champagne ...mmm
I wish you all a Happy New Year ! 
May all your dreams come true!
HAPYY 2012!