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Joy, positive energy, creativity, nature, sun, sea, life, all in two words and a name: Alegría Mediterránea!(Mediterranean Joy).
Alegría, energía positiva, creatividad, naturaleza, sol, mar, vida, todo en dos palabras y un nombre:Alegría Mediterránea!
HAPPY summer everybody! FELIZ VERANO  a todo el mundo!



Sigo experimentando y de esta manera estoy descubriendo cosas maravillosas,además me gusta hacer la cosas hasta la perfección(al menos hago todo lo mejor que puedo).

I keep experimenting and so I discover wonderful things, plus I like to do things to perfection(at least i do my best).

Decidí que es el momento hacer un serum para ojos y cara con una textura más espesa,más sosfisticata y por supuesto con resultados superiores.

I decided it is time to make a serum for eyes and face with a thicker, more sophisticated texture and of course with superior results.

Y así,  en busqueda de nuevos productos absolutamente naturales y vegetales (100%) con cualidades y propiedades excepcionales,me encontré con un producto nuevo para mí y que según los estudios realizados por mí,es un excelente producto y vale la pena incluirlo en mis experimentos y productos.
And so, looking for the new completely NATURAL ingredients with a high qualities and properties, in my searching  I found  OLIVE Squalane.
What is it?

Squalane Oil is 100% Olive Derived Squalane. It Heals, Hydrates and Nourishes ALL Skin Types Without Greasiness.Squalane Oil is yet another example of nature at its finest! Squalane can be found in several plants, but olives contain the highest amount of this naturally antioxidant ingredient. Squalane Oil is derived from the first cold pressing of the highest grade of extra virgin olives. Cold pressing means that no toxic chemicals are used to extract oil from the fruit of a plant.Squalane  is not new to your skin, for a small amount is produced by our body( until to 35 years, after that you must use products containing it).With a fine texture it is absorbed quickly into the skin , leaving no oily residue. Dries instantly. It is penetrates deep into the skin assisting in new cell growth.

Very important :Make sure you choose products with OLIVE SQUALANE AND NOT SQUALENE  !

 Squalene is just an intermediate product, SQUALANE is a completed ingredient with higher skin affinity as it contains less residual components.

But the main difference, not only on the physic-chemical point of view but overall on the dermatological point on view remains the PURITY. This is what is the most interesting value when designing a serum.

That´s why I choose to put a considerable percentage of Squalane in my Rose Eyes+Facial Serum.
Obviously that Squalane is accompanied by pure precious vegetable oils and the most luxurious
essential oil , of Roses.

It is absorbed into the skin immediately,I can use it without problems in the eye area ( which mine is hiper ultra sensitive) and  I'm glad I can replacing the cream (at least in the hottest days ) because is more easily in the summer and do not feel my face charged,at all.

I am very happily with this product and I will continue experimenting !
Happy summer everybody!



Me encanta este color!
Porque es delicado, especial y poco frecuente.

I LOVE this magnificent natural colour!
Because it is delicate, special and rare.
Happy summer everyone!