Swap soap with Ayu Tokyo Factory ,second post: her gift

Happy Thursday,everyone!
Look what I received today!
Check out what I received from her! 
I have posted so many pictures because words are useless in front of so many beauties...
Can you see all the beauty, delicacy ,passion and the professionalism of each product?
I am in love with her details! 
 I'm in love of beautiful in general, and Ayu was able to get  all my expectations with all these treasures.
 These soaps are pure, natural, vegan ,smells and looks  like Mother Nature: PERFECT!
 Ayu sent me five beautiful soaps, a  minty lip balm so fresh and moisturizing and a virgen argan oil.
Herbal Soap, Japanese Black Kimono Soap(is stunning), Hana Sake Soap, Beauty Facial Soap, Dead Sea Salt Soap, how lucky I am! 
Ayu:I 'm In love with YOUR SOAPS!
Thank you so much, AYU!
I am enjoying everything you sent me!
It was such a wonderful soap swap!
KISS YOU,xo,xo,xo!!!
I wish everybody  a wonderful & GREEN life !



My first vegan soap with pure Aloe Vera gel, extracted from my darling Aloe Vera plant. I raised her with love for  two years and instead she rewarded me with her precious gel.Thank you darling ALOE VERA!
 I love the texture of this soap,soft and glassy,it looks like a glycerin soap,the aloe gel may be the reason.
I'll definitely repeat the soap with aloe vera , maybe with  green clay for another kind of green.
I am very happy with this green : is pure,natural,very fresh and durable(in reality the color is more green,but I think as sunlight gave him a light green-yellow color).
This soap is the second of my summer project:´´VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAP´´which consists in recipes with much olive oil , mediterranean herbs oil infusions(also in extra virgin olive oil),colors and flavors pure & natural 100%.
  Enjoy this wonderful VEGAN ALOE VERA  SOAP and be sure to use a draining soapdish to keep your soap dry and happy!


Some of my natural colors / Algunos de mis colores naturales

This article is an ode to Mother Nature, who gives us all we need with her BIG generosity !
Personally, I  found in plants and flowers, in all is GREEN, my source of life , a happily and healthy life.

For this summer I have a wonderful project :VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAPS  and I prepared  in advanced  this beautiful natural colors, in oil infusions.
I'm so excited and happy of these natural beauties:Horsetail,Calendula,Hypericum,Salvia,Lavender,Roses.
I wish you happiness, health  and  Green life! 


Jabón de Castilla, VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAP

 Is a  Pure Vegan Natural soap made with extravirgine Olive oil .
  75% cold pressed Olive oil, while the remaind is a carefully selected combination of vegetal fine oils and essentials to distinguish and balance the bar .
    It is an extraordinary  fine soap due to the large amount of olive oil. Also, smells(green  olives & fresh grass) and looks(smooth and clean) very appetizing.
 VEGAN Olive Oil Soap softens and smoothes your skin and is excellent for relieving the symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis or any type of allergy to chemicals products.
     I cut the soap(hand-made) into generous pieces as the skin enjoy as much as possible to this wonderful soap.
   You can use this soap for face and entire body, is a true source of health for each  mm of your skin.
    I will leave the soap to dry at least 4 months because is like a good  wine:older- better!
    My little experience with exclusive olive oil soaps learned me to have patience, months even year(s).
       Enjoy this wonderful VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAP  and be sure to use a draining soapdish to keep your soap dry and happy!
    Also I hope you enjoy my  new stamp+logo. I am vegan, what else could be my soap, right?!

    I wish you happiness, health  and  Green life! 


Soap swap with Ayu Tokyo Factory , first post : my gift

    I am  happy because  my gift made  with such love and joy,arrived in sunny California to Ayu .
    I am happy because I can feel her real joy and also  I love how she calls all:´´beautiful soap gift set´´. 
    She sent me her gift a month ago,but is somewhere along the way,may have lost, may show up late...
 but everything is just fine. Ayu decided to send me again her wonderful gift, thank you  !
     She is my international soap swap partner and  hopefully soon I will write my second post with her ​​gift.
    Always, but always,swap soap with friends around the world brings me such joy...I'm like a kid in front of this innocent pleasure...
    Ayu, Thank you so much for posting on your blog about our swap soap with such a nice, warm and beautiful words,here :http://ayukocarlton.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/international-soap-swap-with-claudia.html
Thank you very much for a wonderful soap swap experience!
It was fun and still  has not finished...
I wish you all a wonderful day !