All, absolutely all of my pictures are made ​​with Love and Joy.
It means hard work and long hours of work.
With each shooting session I learn new things,a lot of new things and I love it!
I may have pictures  more beautiful than these,it is possible with so many photos (surely over all these years, I have made ​​thousands and thousands of photos).
I like to photograph small fixed objects and by high precision, actually I just realized that why I like to do so many photos and especially if they are mine...even more.
Maybe they are not the finest of the Universe,but to me, are the most beautiful,ever!
I Love my photos as well as I Love all my products and generally everything  I do.
I hope you like & enjoy them as much as I do.
I wish you Health, Inspiration, Joy, LOVE, Work and Passion in everything you do!  
A great week to all!