Feria del Jabón Artesanal en Montgai ,abril 2012/Handmade Soap Fair april 2012 MONTGAI,CATALUNYA

   YES, I DID IT !Was fantastic and I am so happy!!!My very first( and the best )EXPOSOAP/FERIA!!!

And as is the tradition here in Montgai ,today,in giant boilers some ladies did soap ​​from recycled olive oil .
For me was the first time when I saw this.


Fira del Sabó, Feria del Jabón en Montgai.

 Alegría, entusiasmo, jabones bonitos y muchas cosas bellas!

Si estás cerca ven a verme,tengo muchas sorpresas agradables!
Alegría Mediterranea jabones veganos y cosméticos verdes, siempre con amor y alegría!
Alegria Mediterranea Vegan soaps & green bath cosmetics, always with Love & Joy!


Unique Personalized Gifts just for you with joy/Regalos personalizados con alegria, sólo para ti

 Unique Personalized Gifts made just for you with much joy!
    Is original, unique,green,vegan and completely handmade.
     Lovely surprise
Alegria MediterraneaVegan soaps & green bath cosmetics always with Love and great Joy 

This very lovely gift box was made by Silvia http://desvandesilvia.blogspot.com.es/search/label/cajas%20redondas

Love handmade where nothing is repeated and each piece is unique.


My gift for Ayu

   Today, I send to Ayu who lives in sunny California , my gift. Yes, I am doing  a  swap soaps with her , but still to me is much more, is a gift between two friends who share the same joy.
   I apologize that I late a little, but this is me , I need time, I work a lot to details and more than this I need ...inspiration.I create only in the days when I feel full of bless&inspiration.
      Ayu has already sent me her gift,is already on the way. I am very excited and happy in the same time.
 Ayu, I am  very grateful for this opportunity and  I hope you will feel the same, too.
Alegria Mediterranea Vegan soaps & Green bath cosmetics,always with Love and Joy .


In Love ...

Puede ser el regalo perfecto de tus días más felices o bien por dia a dia ,porque no?!... 
También puede ser personalizado a tu gusto!
Could be the perfect gift for your most happiest days... or daily, why not?
Can be also personalized as you like!
For more soap details  in  my  Catalog! Click on my profile,please.
Más información en mi Catálogo de productos ! Haga clic en mi perfil, por favor.

Luxurious lip balm

Alegria Mediterranea  vegan &luxurious green cosmetics  made with love and Spring Joy!
I really love what I am doing, honestly and I am telling  you  that with all my heart!
Everything I do is handmade only,with recyclable materials as much as possible and with lots and lots of imagination. 
On top of that comes hours, days, months, years of continues work , almost obsessive sometimes.
I am happy and pleased with what I do and this is reflected more and more in my work&products.
Also, I am a girl who believes as Life is made ​​from little details.
These little details gives  Life flavor and how important it is...to me is essential, vital even.
That  happened to me working with  these wonderful  luxurious lip balms and thinking about small details.
Only if  you  can smell and  taste them, are delicious, fresh as a breeze,so moisturizing and with a high and very special gloss.
I really love them, you can try it,too!
For more soap details  in  my  Catalog! Click on my profile,please.
Más información en mi Catálogo de productos ! Haga clic en mi perfil, por favor.


Happy Easter!¡Felices Pascuas!

Happy Easter, a few pictures of my latest creations and an award to all!
I received this award from http://elhuertodelosjabones.blogspot.com.es/,
you made my day , thank you so much!
The award has some rules but me I decided to dedicate it to all artisan soap makers(I admire so much soapers), bloggers or not, for  passion , joy &  creation.
So gladly  I dedicate this award to all !