Avocado, the ´´fruit of eternal youth´´! Aguacate,´´ el fruto de la eterna juventud´´!

How do I start?
TO  me,  avocado  is  my  friend  daily,  never  missed!
Avocado fruit, has an extraordinary capacity to regenerate and create!Click here for more info about this incredible and amazing fruit: http://authoritynutrition.com/12-proven-benefits-of-avocado/
As  food, I use it in all possible ways, from raw soup, guacamole, in salatas,cream,delicious tarts, smooties, to ice cream, etc. I love it ! Click here and check out on my RAW VEGAN  Blog, for some of my avocado recipes: http://greenrawcuisine.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/raw-vegan-delicious-chocolate-cake-for.html
Twice a day( and more if is necessary), morning & evening, I clean my skin , with vegetable oils (my BIO Cleanser) is like a sacred ritual to me.
Similarly,  I treat my skin with avocado mask, one- twice a week .
Recipes may be more, depending on the needs and imagination of each.
Personally, I adjust my recipes, depending on the season:  in winter fat and nutritious , in  summer  fresh and very moisturizing!
 Here is a wonderful recipe of the  ´´ fruit of eternal youth ´´!I like to call it  so,  it´s worth !
Creamy mask with fresh avocado:
 - one green and  fresh  avocado
 - 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of coco milk, or coco water ( RAW, from the best quality)
 -1 teaspoon vegetable avocado oil or/and sweet almond oil ( best and raw quality, its about your face)
 -a few drops of Vitamin E
 First, mash the avocado  and  then add the other ingredients, one at a time, until you get a fine and compacte avocado cream!
 This quantities are for one person and one use,only !

 It can be used for any skin type!
Golden Rules!
1.Do not use metal objects when use avocado!Do it with  glassware, ceramics  or  woods !
2.Once made the cream, use it, avocados oxidize very quickly!
3.Always, without exception, before applying any mask,clean the skin very well and then scrub(very gently)!
4.The most simple and convenient scrub is made with sodium bicarbonate or cornmeal, or sugar, or salt.
After cleaning the skin with herbal tea, apply a very thin less soda/cornmeal , rubbing the skin very,very  gently!
Rinse again with herbal tea and its k , you ready for the next step, the MASK!
5.Apply the mask to your face with very ,very clean hands , slowly, carefully around the eyes!Avoid eye area !
6.After  apply the mask on your face, please do not  forget  your hands and  neck, are so important too !
7. Sit  in a very comfortable and relaxed couch or bed , in a place where no one bothers you and do not move for at least 15-20 minutes!
Listen your favorite music or ambient relaxing music and use aromatherapy with perfumed candles, with natural essential oils!  You´ll feel  in seventh heaven!!!
After you give the mask down(wash your face with regular water), someone else will smile you in the mirror!
A person with a bright face, calm and smooth as a baby!
Do not forget to moisturize your skin with your favorite serum and  fav cream , after this treat!
Try it, deserve it! It is best to do it on  long term, even lifetime !
And as I said, beauty is good friend with a balanced diet and healthy!
Take care of your skin, by eating right and having fun with your food, that means a lot of RAW + GREENS.
 Drink plenty of water and exercise daily to flush out toxins!

Today, 06.04.2015, after 5 years of writing this wonderful recipe, I made a few changes and updates.
Be happy and beautiful!