Alegria Mediterranea, Vegan Soaps & Natural Cosmetics

I love  Mediterranean Sea with all my being and she remain my greatest Love for ever! 
Between us  Is a huge connection, beyond words, for more then 20 years.
That's why I named  everything I create: Alegria Mediterranea, because it is a great joy to me and is about a real healthy, happy,vegan & natural Mediterranean lifestyle, my Lifestyle.
And next, a few words about what I create with so much Love, Joy & Happiness :
Made fresh from all Natural ingredients like : coconut milk+oil, extravirgine olive oil ,sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, soya oil, pumpkin oil, rapseed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula oil, vegetal  wax, infusion of dried or fresh herbs and flowers, Alegria Mediterranea is a completely  100% Pure Natural Vegan  biodegradable Handmade soaps + Natural Cosmetics.
Except for a few exotic oils and butters we use products from the Mediterranean area, the extraordinary OLIVE Oil is the base on our soaps! 
We are big fans of local products, all our products contain herbal oil infusions exclusively from this wonderful area.
Looove Mediterranean  area&sea !
All the colours and flavors are natural, carefully chosen and created .
Love Natural&Nature!
Every soap piece is unique,hand cut only  and  made with Love,care and desire to do something good with our skin and body !
Alegria Mediterranea creates all Natural Vegan Soaps,Handmade Bath Cosmetics ,Organic Perfumes and Green personalized  gifts.
Beyond the best ingredients completely  from  vegetal sources,our products contain also something  very precious:our human soul and part of our heart, each product has in it part of our soul, warmly and full of Joy,Happiness & Beautiful love! We Love what we do!
Alegria Mediterranea is so friendly  with our wonderful Planet and environment.
We love to be recycled and biodegradable.
Also we are Big Lovers of all land creatures, we respect, Love and care them!
This is one of the many reasons why we do not use palm oil,because we strongly believe that all species on this planet has the right to live,not only the human race,as unfortunately happens.
The very excessive + abusive use of palm oil in the world and its embarrassing low price(compared to the sacrifices faced by all species,the price of this oil is embarrassing small).
We are not pro and not against.We do not judge anyone.However, in the end, everyone is free to judge and act for himself. 
We simply chose not to be participants in this massacre of many innocent beings,wonderful creatures of the rainforest,because, yes,is a real massacre.
Moreover, I daydream, that one day, I could see a tropical forest in all its splendor....I am a dreamer, i already now that, but still believe in it. So, FREE PALM -OIL !COMPLETELY!
No animal products or testing !Animal loving Soap !Love and deep respect for Mother Nature!

 Hace tiempo descubrí el maravilloso,feliz y sano  camino de la Naturaleza  en muchas formas(todavía tengo mucho por descubrir) y estoy fascinada por su grandeza,su generositat y su energía curativa.
La salud de mi familia es mi gran responsabilidad,mi gran reto  y al mismo tiempo la cosa más importante de la vida,porque si : LA SALUD ES LO MÁS IMPORTANTE DE LA VIDA. Así empezó todo, por amor a mi familia y ahora todo se convirtió en nuestro estilo de vida,totalmente verde y natural,desde arriba hacia abajo,tanto dentro como fuera de nuestro cuerpo.En este espacio personal que para mi significa muchos años de trabajo,alegria, pasión y experiencias extraordinarias ,encontrarás un poco de todo.También es importante saber que todos nuestros jabones y cosméticos son: NATURALES Y VEGANOS, CON INGREDIENTES,COLORES Y AROMAS TOTALMENTE NATURALES , hechos de manera artesanal, a mano,despacito, con mucha atención a cada detalle y con nuestro gran corazón.
Así que, Bienvenidos a nuestro mundo Vegano, Verde, Natural y Feliz!