Maku, a real soap artisan from Spain!

When I opened this  little box my eyes have seen Maku's wonderful soap (here when you can admire her  wonderful soaps) : http://jabonesdecasa.blogspot.com.
This week I received  wonderful soaps from two big  soap artisans girls: Maku from ´´Jabones de casa´´,Spain  y Mika from´´Savon de Mika´´, France.
About Maku soaps... scent, texture and quality: TOP of the top!
I admire her soaps about one  year and now that I have them in my hands I can tell you are as I imagined.
I can see the maturity, the experience and desire for perfection in her soaps.
She recommended me  warmly the ´´mini´´soap with avocado, I already tried (is the only one I tried) and is realy smooth, creamy with a lovely scent as ´´ baby powder´´(i adore this smell).
I realy enjoy this beautiful Maku soaps experience, now is my turn to send you my soaps, so please, have a little patience with me, I want to be on your height.
 Maku thanks for this opportunity, was  a real pleasure for me to try your beautiful soaps!
Gracias Maku !Ahora es mi turno.