Feria del Jabón Artesanal en Montgai ,abril 2012/Handmade Soap Fair april 2012 MONTGAI,CATALUNYA

   YES, I DID IT !Was fantastic and I am so happy!!!My very first( and the best )EXPOSOAP/FERIA!!!

And as is the tradition here in Montgai ,today,in giant boilers some ladies did soap ​​from recycled olive oil .
For me was the first time when I saw this.

Every year, soap artesans from Montgai ,make soap from recycled olive oil (collected during the year). And so, year after year turn out in a real tradition here!Well done,people of Montagi,Catalunya!What a big&wonderful thing in this crazy world!

 Was a beautiful sunny day with many people interested in natural products, in particular soaps.
    I dedicate this roses with all my love to all organizers of Fira del sabo Montgai !
 My favorite motto :