My first vegan soap with pure Aloe Vera gel, extracted from my darling Aloe Vera plant. I raised her with love for  two years and instead she rewarded me with her precious gel.Thank you darling ALOE VERA!
 I love the texture of this soap,soft and glassy,it looks like a glycerin soap,the aloe gel may be the reason.
I'll definitely repeat the soap with aloe vera , maybe with  green clay for another kind of green.
I am very happy with this green : is pure,natural,very fresh and durable(in reality the color is more green,but I think as sunlight gave him a light green-yellow color).
This soap is the second of my summer project:´´VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAP´´which consists in recipes with much olive oil , mediterranean herbs oil infusions(also in extra virgin olive oil),colors and flavors pure & natural 100%.
  Enjoy this wonderful VEGAN ALOE VERA  SOAP and be sure to use a draining soapdish to keep your soap dry and happy!