Let's start this week with this  golden beauty !I love these natural golden-amber tones...
 CALENDULA is one of my favorite soap because has a special simplicity,special curative effects and  always smells like a field full of flowers...
 In time we constantly improved this soap recipe .This one has a content of 50% extra virgin olive oil (was infused with eco CALENDULA flowers).
 I also used precious organic oils,natural colours and pure organic essential oils.
 CALENDULA  soap is the only soap in which I like to put  her  flower petals,in abundance, gives me a good feeling.
 The petals are from eco CALENDULA flowers and are picked one by one.
 It is my  third soap of ´´VEGAN OLIVE OIL SOAP´´´, my summer project ,who consist  in  recipes with much olive oil , mediterranean herbs oil infusions,colors and flavors pure & natural 100%.
 So far, I´m happy with the colors, texture and quality of these vegan  soaps.
 As with any soap of mine  I will leave him  to dry  at least two months.
  Enjoy my CALENDULA soap and I am sure it will bring a ray of sunshine to you !
   Enjoy this wonderful VEGAN  CALENDULA  SOAP and be sure to use a draining soapdish to keep your soap dry and happy!

I wish you happiness, health  and  Green life!