Meet Natalie, a beautiful and generous person

I had the opportunity to meet  Natalie ,virtual via and I am so glad for that.
Natalie is a girl who makes natural handmade soaps and cosmetics.
Is relatively new in this wonderful world so she is dedicated in everything that makes.
Keep your joy, dedication &curiosity it pushes you forward.
On top of that she is a very generous person and I really appreciate that ,THANK YOU for everything dear Natalie,stay as you are!
Without any obligation, just like that,she gave me as a gift some(I think I get for a lifetime) magic plant called Alkanet to make my soap with.
I was very pleasantly surprised by her gesture, so, I tried to make it up somehow.
I gave her a litlle present with much joy and she was so nice and wrote this wonderful article,check out:
You made my day !
Much Love.